Investigative Histopathology Lab

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Mission Statement

Enrich and support faculty Service programs at Michigan State University.

Develop and execute high level testing for the Research community.

Support education by preparing teaching materials of superior quality and excellence.

Research and development of new procedures is the core of our laboratory focus. Our current services include: Routine and Complex Paraffin sectioning and staining, Cryo-sectioning, Immunohistochemistry, and Apoptosis. We continue to expand our research and development services and look forward to collaborating with many future investigators.

Our fee for service facility would be pleased to meet with you for a confidential consultation about your research. A consultation with us prior to beginning a project or even while ongoing can resolve multiple issues related to gross dissection, fixation, and preservation of materials for use at a later date.

Rates for our facility are based on components included that are required to complete each type of service. Please contact us with any questions you would have about our services and fees. Various forms of items requested may be a different MSU Contracts & Grants / Office of the Controller approved rate.

Biomedical Physical Sciences Building
567 Wilson Rd, Rm 2133
East Lansing, MI 48824

Client Hours:
M - F 8:30am-4:30pm
Closed 12-1pm

Phone: (517) 884-5026
Fax: (517) 432-1368